Villa for rent in Istana Bunga Lembang near Bandung

Ideally situated on a hilltop in Lembang / Bandung
with a magical view on the mountains around the
Tangkuban Parahu volcano, lays our villa (see picture below).
The house has a big garden and is surrounded by a small
water stream, which gives a pleasant background sound.

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The villa is part of the complex in Lembang Villa Istana Bunga
near Bandung in west Java Indonesia.
The Istana Bunga complex is really something you must see!
The different type of houses and villa's, the butterflies,
the nice gardens with fountains and statues and the view
are a pleasure for your eyes.

The average temperature in the area is always
between 18 (night) and 26 degrees (day) and the air is very clean.
On the complex you find a swimming pool, a small supermarket,
and a restaurant (Kafe Bunga) with an European cuisine.
If the local cuisine is preferred go downhill to a small restaurant
just outside the Villa Park.

In the neighborhood of the villa are lots of activities
and things to see. Like:
Horse riding, mountain climbing, volcanoes, walking,
swimming, hot water springs, sightseeing etc.
The big town Bandung is nearby and besides shopping
a visit to the angklung music show is really recommended.
If you are interested click on Info Villa in the left column
or on the photo of the villa and you get more information.


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